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The BioART Solution is dedicated to improving global water conditions while delivering a triple bottom line of solid returns to investors, major improvements to the environment, and upgrades to the quality of life and health in local communities.

A Multi-Stage Process to Renew Water Bodies
    BioART uses its highly refined Elemental Char™ and Formulated Char™ along with the patented BioNano Ultrafine Bubble Generator’s nano-sized oxygen bubbles to restore water ecosystems to balance. The BioART Solution is also deployed to resolve the related threat posed by toxic algal blooms that are choking off lakes, rivers, and streams around the globe due to eutrophication from fertilizers, pesticides, storm water, and septic waste. The BioART Solution removes contaminants, harvests compounds for reuse, and oxygenates water with the ultra-fine bubbles. The delivery of highly oxygenated, ultrafine bubble water can revive ecosystems and clean water in wastewater treatment plants and water treatment facilities. Finally, when potable water is desired, Enviro-Protect, a bio-static, water-based, nano-technology antimicrobial, filters out pathogens.

Harvesting Hidden Resources by Converting Contaminants
    ARB thermally converts the collected contaminants into valuable products. High returns are delivered to waste-water treatment and water treatment facilities. Other profitable markets include aquaculture (fish and shrimp farms), feedlots, and water bodies managed by stewards or owners—as all struggle to eliminate these pollutants while limiting cost increases. Reusing recovered elements replaces the need to rely on virgin resources and supports a regenerative economy.
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